How can you safely increase speed, agility, and strength with young athletes?

Should young athletes train?  It's a question we get all the time.  The answer is.. absolutely!

And we don't just say that because it's what we do.  

If you look at the science, you can get the most improvements in athletic ability working on performance training during "Peak Height Velocity".  This is the time that your son or daughter is growing at their most rapid rate.  It's a short window that has a large impact on their long term athletic development.

The main thing is that it's done right!  

  • Not in a basement with an old weight set.
  • Not at a big chain gym with a pack of other kids
  • And certainly not applying the same training as we do with high school athletes

Athletes between the ages of 8-13 need:

  • Coordination and Balance
  • Proper Running Technique
  • Mobility and Body Control
  • Stability and Strength
  • Proper Nutrition and Rest

Our Athletic Development Program focuses on all these attributes to build a better athlete and we do it in a way that is fun.  The training will look and feel like games and challenges so the athletes will want to get to the gym.  It's not only our job to train our young athletes but to make sure they have fun in the process.  This builds a lifetime of health and activity.

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