Welcome to Sports and Fitness Performance!

We are thrilled to have you and your team with us this off-season.  To get the most out of the training take a moment to learn about our program and get started the right way.

Here is a short video describing our training philosophy and how to set-up your account, screening appointment, and our training app.

This program includes:

  • One Team Training Session per week

  • An online training membership on the SFP Training App

  • Initial assessment and home exercise program delivered through the SFP Training App

  • Option to make up a session by scheduling an age appropriate class

EMAIL: frank@sportsandfitnessperformance.com

Quick Start Instructions

Book your assessment:

  1. Download our scheduler app: http://www.sportsandfitnessperformance.com/mobile-apps

  2. Create an account once the app is downloaded

  3. Click on the MENU in the top left hand corner

  4. Click on APPOINTMENTS

  5. Click on ASSESSMENTS

  6. Click on FMS and FCS

  7. From there you can book a time slot that works for you


Setting up the Training App:

Once you attend your assessment appointment you will receive an email invite to set up the training app.  Allow a few days for us to compile the score and prescribe your home exercise program to customize the training experience.  

The training app will include:

  1. Custom corrective exercises based on your assessment

  2. Daily homework to compliment the training at the gym

  3. Exercise videos to show how to execute the movements properly

  4. Ability to track other workouts you do on your own

  5. Messaging feature to get direct access to our coaching staff




Make up a Training Session:

If you miss your designated Team Training Session in a given week, you can make up that session by attending any age appropriate group session that we offer.  You must schedule the session in advance using the SFP Scheduler App (Green Icon).  The SFP Scheduler App is the same app you use to book the Assessment.

  1. Click on the MENU in the top left hand corner

  2. Click on GROUP SESSIONS

  3. Select an age appropriate Group Training Session that works with your schedule