Robert Selders - Owner and Operator of 3Q Fitness in Dallas Texas

As an athlete, having and working with a great performance coach can be the difference between staying in the game and enjoying success versus sitting on the bench or worse - being completely out because of injury. In Islip, New York, Frank Dolan IS THAT GREAT COACH. Frank takes a systematic approach to understanding the needs of his clients and then goes to work developing a practical, holistic plan to maximize their success. His attention to detail within each session, knowledge of the most effective strength and conditioning training methods, injury prevention strategies, as well as his performance nutrition philosophy puts him on the cutting edge. If you want to experience success and longevity in your sports career or just have better useful strength and functional capacity for life, do yourself a huge favor and work with Frank and his professional team at Sports and Fitness Performance. It will be one of the best decisions you you've ever made!

Geralyn Coopersmith - National Director of Equinox Training Institute
I have been in the fitness field for over 20 years and to my mind, Frank Dolan is the embodiment of the consummate fitness professional! He has devoted his career to continually expanding his knowledge base by learning from the industry's top minds. In the last several years, Frank has further expanded his skill set and become a master instructor. Frank does a brilliant job synthesizing all the information that he's acquired and breaking it down, making it accessible and applicable to his fellow fitness professionals. I'm thrilled that Frank now has his own facility where he can meld all of his talents into an environment (and experience) that are reflective of the stellar coach and trainer that he is!

Dana Cavalea - Director of Strength and Conditioning for the NY Yankees
Frank Dolan has showed the desire and passion to change an industry- from the way athletes and adults are being trained, to supply them and practitioners in the field with an education on how to get themselves healthier, the how, and the why.  I have worked with Frank for several years now and continue to learn from him from the training side, management side, as well as from a personal growth and personal management standpoint.


Gideon H. - Client

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Frank Dolan at Sports and Fitness Performance in Islip. I have been doing a strength and endurance program over the last 6 weeks along with a nutrition program set up by TJ DeMartino. With their help I'm feeling much healthier and I have dropped 30 lbs while gaining strength and balance since I started with them. Anthony and Kyle are top notch trainers as well.

Jennifer L. - Client

5 Stars - I took a series of classes as part of a Groupon deal over the summer. Although comprised of a mix of skill sets, the sessions are run in such a way that anyone can jump in and be successful! I took the classes to compliment my triathon training, and it really did help. This is the real thing, not another "cross fit" trend shop. The workouts are designed to have long lasting results and help to build a healthy lifestyle. Frank is very knowledgeable, and his training routines are smart and safe. If you are looking for a routine that will help you build good habits and a healthy body, this is the place for you!

Heather D. - Client

5 Stars - Sports and Fitness Performance's Boot Camp classes are very effective in helping you meet your fitness goals. Coach Frank combines multiple strategies to help maximize your one hour work out. Each week is different, which helped me maintain a higher level of interest in the program. The atmosphere is relaxed and Frank has a good sense of humor. He is very encouraging and pushes you to work hard.  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who would like to change or even improve their health. I'm very pleased with the results.

Vanessa L. - Client

5 Stars - If you want a hard core, fun, individualized workout, then sports and fitness performance is the place for you! I have been to many gyms but nothing compares to coach frank Dolan's bootcamp classes. Owner and coach Frank Dolan is so knowledgable, has so much passion for training, and truly cares about all of his clients. His classes are always changing and they are small (no bigger then 10 people) so frank really gets to know everyone. I can't tell you how many times he has said to me " you can use more weight then that!" coach Frank pushes us to our fullest potential and because of that my body has changed, I am stronger, and I have much more energy! Highly recommend!

Paul C. - Client

5 Stars - Can't say enough about Sports and Fitness Performance!  Frank Dolan has created a truly unique experience in the sports and fitness world.  From individualized athletic training to boot camp classes, Frank covers it all and is able meet the needs of each and every person in a creative and efficient manner.  One need only to spend a few minutes with Frank to see how dedicated he is to his clientele and how passionate he is about his craft.  It is unlike any other "gym" that I've been to, and that is because it is not a gym but so much more.

My wife is not a gym person and loves Sports and Fitness Performance; we would belong to no other training center.  HIGHLY recommended!

Colleen O. - Client

5 Stars - I had my first class at Sports and Fitness Performance tonight and it was great! Not only is the instructor personable he is able to meet your individual needs while still working with a group. I have been to a few group classes and this was the most inventive and individualized at the same time.  I can't wait to go back!

Kelly H. - Workshop Participant

5 Stars - Sports and Fitness Performance is a fantastic fitness space dedicated to building the best athletes from the ground up. By utilizing the open spaces without the vast sums of clunky typical gym machines, Frank can work on the functional efficiency of athletes in the most creative ways possible.

His knowledge of functional movement and creating smarter athletes is amazing. Within minutes, he is able to assess any compensations you may have and snap off at least 3 different ways to effectively realign the body to move properly.

The space is ideal for team training with 2 rooms to spread out for circuit work. For an individual or small group, the space is like the ultimate indoor fitness playground. Combined with Frank's program design, there is no reason why you should wait to start working with Frank immediately.